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This is an odd collection of stuff that has fallen out of my head. You will notice there isn't much to link it all together and I hope to add to it unless I forget all about it. I hope you find it interesting and if makes you chuckle a little bit then even better. I created this as I was off sick from work for a long time and quite frankly you can only watch Jeremy Kyle for a few weeks before you lose the will to live. I may write a bit about that later depending how it all turns out. I mean me being ill not Jeremy Kyle. I always have this vision that if you met Jeremy Kyle in the street and asked him for a fight he would hide behind his wife*  


You can navigate the website with the links above or the links on this page. I have tried to keep spelling and grammar as accurate as possible but its not my strong point. Please don't contact me to point out mistakes. Unless they are major ones. You know like if I put incest when I meant caravan. That kind of thing. Feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions or questions you have. Please follow me on Twitter. It makes me feel loved. There is a button you can press to follow me at the bottom. You can contact me on Twitter via www.twitter.com/llgoatj or via the contact link above or here. CONTACT ME!! Please share this website so that other may people may frown, scratch their heads and wonder what it is all about. 

I can do better than this rubbish.
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*If you are Jeremy Kyle or closely realted to said person I am joking and am sure Jermey Kyle really is a lovely person in real life who would take a bullet for his wife.  

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